I held you in my arms so tight the day that you were born 

Your little hands , your tiny feet , your little squidgy nose

I wondered what the future hold’s for my little shining star

I watched you grow through out the year’s good times and bad time’s had

Your my little ray of sunshine  my light on my darkest day’s

But then I see you struggling not understanding why people treat you that way

The trouble is they don’t understand what makes you…you…my little star

With your quirky sayings , bouncy feet and telling people how it is in your own special way 

Well I can tell you now my little star

Your future sparkle’s like the star’s up  in the sky 

As I love you and I will alway’s be your light.


Time wait’s for no one

Tick tocking all the time

It fly’s by us so very quickly in a blink of an eye

Hold your dear one’s near and tell them how you feel

Tell them how much they mean to you  

As the hands of time go round and round not stopping to say goodbye.


I’m just an ordinary girl in a messed up world trying to occupy my mind .I have a daughter who is my world and I’m a lover of reading , poetry, music ,coffee and anything comic book related 

Enjoy 😊
Photo’s that are not mine are *a credit to the owners*

I feel you your fingers sliding down my spine and your lips upon my neck 

My body quivers with excitement with every touch you give

Where will you go next? Only you know that 

The anticipation is killing me

You turn me around then I see your eyes burning with desire

“I’m here my love” you whisper in my ear 

“The night is young just give yourself to me ”

I close my eyes and I let go not knowing what’s to come 

Just waiting for that one touch that will release me from my…..fire.

I need you

I Want you

I Feel you

When I close my eyes you are there

Wrapping your arms around me

I am safe

I am warm

No need to fear

I am with you always

My love

It’s stopped
My heart
Will i breathe…smile….love again
When will this end…days….months…. Years….
Who knows
Time waits for no one
I look up and he is standing there
My perfect stranger
My heart starts to beat…a smile
I’m alive
I’m free
I’m yours